Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chilly Start to 2010 - Polar Bear Plunge at White Rock, BC

Did my first Polar Bear Swim at the Pier in White Rock, British Columbia. More after the jump.

Ignored the signs that this was a crazy idea ... heavy rainfall warning for the Lower Mainland, 70 km/h winds that had raised swells on the water to 3-4 feet, and a rescue boat with well-insulated first-responders.

The air and water temps were about 7C (45F). Actually didn't feel too bad. There were a couple of hundred people there so my screams and squeals were drowned out. Once in, though there was major gasping for air and major shrinkage. It was an "invigorating" start to the year.

I got a little certificate and Tourism White Rock prepared this video (for additional proof, I am at about 1:01 on the right). Will be back in 2011.

Semiamoo Bay was a little windy and choppy. Difficulty picturing it as it usually is in the summer.

Post-dip. Chattering teeth.

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