Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Unicorn Lovers and Bald Victors

Photo by Cecelia Louie whose
incredible wares like these
can be seen on Craftsy and Etsy.*
I was reminded today about the spectrum between victim and victor.

I reconnected with a friend today (shame on me for losing contact), who in the past four months had been diagnosed with breast cancer and had been going through surgery, chemo and the resulting indescribable pain and hair loss.

Yet her spirit carried through. It was heart-wrenching to catch up on her four-month journey in a few minutes. At least on the outside, she's the same fiesty, sassy gal I met a year ago, who still loves purple sparkly unicorns - go figure. And I know a thing or two (ONLY a thing or two) about bald, bold, beautiful women, too, and she certainly fits the bill and definitely rocks the style. Actually, I think it's more her style than when she had hair.

It's not what happened to her that defines her, but how she got through it that makes her who she is, to paraphrase the saying - she personifies it. She walks like a victor: forward. And she inspired me to re-light the fires on a concept that GroovyCraftChick and I have been developing for more than a year ... more to come.

So to my bald SoCal-meets-Yankee unicorn herder: this one's for you.

* The photo is not mine. I am happy to remove it should that be required.